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We welcome all eligible NHS Diagnostics Leaders to apply for their place for LiD 2018 via this website.

After registering your application to attend LiD 2018 on this website, you will receive an acknowledgement email and then once your eligibility has been reviewed, you will receive another email either confirming or denying your registration to the event. Please do not make any travel arrangements until your place at LiD 2018 is confirmed. We will vet all applications within 4 hours.

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Step 5 : Please share with us any names & preferably nhs email addresses of NHS colleagues you have recommended LID 2018 to
Get rewarded for your LiD referral 2018, if you recommend a NHS colleague to attend LiD and they apply and are approved, you and your NHS colleague will both be recognised with a reward on the day. Please share their NHS email address so we can invite them as well!