New Diagnostic Services Ltd provides a simplified governance process for Point of Care Testing outside hospital environments through our qPOCTâ„¢ product. This provides a hybrid IQC/EQA service for a range of Point of Care Testing.

POCT locations directly receive liquid-stable IQC. The IQC has been allocated acceptance values appropriate for instrument and clinical use, and the values obtained by users are entered through our web-portal which automatically indicates acceptance or rejection of values. The data entered is used to produce EQA reports through our EQA partner.

New Diagnostic Services Ltd has partnered with Integrated Software Solutions, providers of v-Lab, a third party independent POCT management system which allows connectivity and management of POCT devices in disparate locations.

EQA services are provided through our partnership with WEQAS, an internationally respected EQA provider of ISO17043 accredited laboratory and POCT EQA programmes.

The service is supported by medically qualified or HCPC registered professionals.

To see a demonstration of the software portal in action at