GP Liaison Services

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GP Liaison Services specialise in community diagnostics.  We analyse and optimise the pre-lab elements of the diagnostic pathway.

Preanalytical errors account for up to 70% of all mistakes made in laboratory diagnostics, most of which arise from problems in patient preparation, the primary sample collection and transportation.

We have successfully identified the most common errors affecting failed testing and developed solutions that allow GPs to increase phlebotomy services throughout the day.

Whether you are planning a pathology network or managing the day to day operation, it is necessary to understand the gaps and variation impacting your business.

We meet with GPs, practice managers and other healthcare professionals and identify what happens to patient specimens before they arrive at your lab, we measure and document preanalytical processes, identifying any gaps that could impact the integrity of specimens.

We also provide on-going customer service support, maintaining positive relationships with GP clients using clear and effective communication, regular client visits and customer newsletters.  

You can fully outsource your GP Liaison Service to us or appoint us for short to mid-term projects.

If you would like to arrange an initial call to discuss your project, please call Andrew Turner on 07525 743 921 or email