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Carestream is a leader in developing and deploying new technologies that address the needs of healthcare providers. With innovative new products and new product categories in every segment of our business, we are well positioned to serve the needs of a broad range of healthcare facilities. Scalable healthcare IT solutions—including RIS+PACS, Vendor Neutral Archiving and Cloud Services—enhance productivity while delivering all important ROI and provide medical professionals with valuable clinical tools that lead to improved patient care

Carestream’s new zero footprint Workflow Orchestrator can enable greater productivity, quality and collaboration for radiology reading workflows in order to create a smart dynamic worklist, designed to improve patient care. The Workflow Orchestrator is native to Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform. The Orchestrator’s productivity module directs imaging exams first to appropriate clinical subspecialists, and then to all available radiologists as needed to satisfy desired turnaround times. Exams also can be assigned to specific radiologists according to a referring physician’s preference and existing affiliations with hospitals or healthcare facilities. The platform’s workload balancing functionality can optimise reporting times.

Our Business Analytics Module is a real-time dashboard which provides administrators with the key performance indicators they need to make critical business decisions that affect patient care and quality reporting. Instead of spending hours collecting report data from EMR, RIS, PACS and other systems, departmental managers get immediate insight they can use to improve productivity and utilization. Gain real-time insights into the business side of imaging for critical decision support. Monitor performance dynamics including study volume, modality mix, patient type, report turnaround time and critical results notifications. Use analytics to optimize workflow, cost control and patient care.