The Club For NHS Diagnostics Leaders meets again for the third year, this time at IET Savoy Place - Hope to See You There!

Where the wise ones meet

Leaders in Diagnostics 2018 offers a higher level of event engagement. A place where the wise ones meet to share what's great in diagnostics. LiD 2018 is an exclusive event is free to attend for eligible NHS Diagnostics Leaders.

Bringing all diagnostic specialities together in one place on one day

Leaders in Diagnostics 2018 is an inspiring event showcasing the best in imaging, laboratory, cancer, molecular, PoCT, digital pathology diagnostics and the digitalisation of  diagnostics. LiD 2018 is a unique one day conference which puts the human back into events, with a focus on effective engagement through networking to share know how and ignite contacts.

It’s already in the diary for next year – see you at the Club!
A place where you can find a lot of people from different areas
of the NHS under one roof on one day

2017 Event Exhibitor

The quality of delegates attending the event and buzz
created is unmatched, able to meet different specialists
with a common interest in diagnostics

2017 Digital Pathology Track Delegate

Out of all the events we have attended this year, this one has
been most successful in terms of engagement with a very
relevant audience

2017 Event Sponsor

If there was one event that I won’t miss it’s this one, as
it’s refreshing, positively focused on improving patient
outcomes and approaches diagnostics holistically rather
than in silos

2017 Imaging Track Delegate

Superbly organised, at an excellent venue with plenty of
networking opportunities, difficult to identify how to improve it!

2017 Event Supporter

Liked the flexibility of being able to dip in and dip out of
different tracks and attend round table walk in sessions where
experiences were shared

2017 Event Delegate

Great atmosphere, venue filled with a real energy of activity and
networking fuelled by the speakers enthusiasm and relevant content

2017 Cancer Track Delegate

Excellent broad range of highly relevant presentations,
something for everybody providing a smorgasbord of
experiences resulting in shared learning

2017 Laboratory Track Delegate